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Ms S. Ajayakumar, Principal
Mr. S. L. Faisal, Librarian

Faculty Members
Ms. Rekha Rajan K., PGT(Eco.)
Ms Divya R. Nath, PGT (Eng)
Ms.L.Jayalekshmi, TGT(Eng)
Ms.Salina Bloson, TGT(Eng)
Ms. Jalaja Kumari, PRT
AND Students from Class VI-XII

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Any one who is interested in the objectives of Library Junction can join the Network. To join, go to Sign up. You can also join with your Facebook username and password. The members should adhere to the Network Policy and Guidelines.

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Library Junction is an open online Academic Social Network launched by the Library Media Centre at Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. .


i) To create an easily accessible and user friendly online learning platform which connects the library, teachers and students. ii) To support student-teacher collaborative learning practices. iii) To facilitate information sharing and knowledge creation. iv) To cultivate reading habit and the love towards books, reading and libraries. v) To develop information and media literacy skills. vi)To encourage critical thinking, innovation and creativity. vii) To reach out to the new generation users of the library at their own space and time. viii) To make learning more enjoyable.
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thumbithumba 'It is possible to live without failing at something,unless you might has well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.' Can you name the author?
thumbithumba I am in Hogwarts. in my world of HP.
Theertha Praveen N created a new subgroup I AM MALALA.
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Vishwa Asokan Thankful to god that I got a school like this.
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My Dear Book: Book reviews by Students

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KVS National Innovations and Experimentation Award 2010

NCERT National Competition on Innovative Practices and Experiments in Schools and Teacher Education Institutes 2010-'11 Award.

How it works ?

Library Junction is an online collaborative learning platform where the members can ask questions (Ask), express views and ideas (Blogs, Ideas), discuss issues related to different subject areas (Forum), share information (Photos, Videos, Links, Files), do projects together (Groups,Wikis, Events), communicate with other people (Chat, Comment) and know the world better.
Beat wishes for PSA Exam

Problem Solving Assessment test is near. CBSE is conducting the PSA test on 20 Nov 2014. Have you prepared well? Do you know that we have provided a good number of content and links to help you out to perform well in PSA? JUST SEARCH FOR PSA IN THE SEARCH [...]

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Supplementary Material on Additional Sub-Topics included in Class XII Physics Theory Syllabus

http://cbseacademic.in/web_material/doc/2014/15_XII_Physics_Supplimentary_material.pdf No related posts.

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PSA Sample Question Papers and Previous Years’ Question Papers

PSA Sample Question Papers and Previous Years’ Question Papers PSA Sample Question Papers Published by CBSE  http://cbseacademic.in/web_material/PSA/1_PSA%20IX.PDF Problem Solving Assessment Question Paper 2014 Class-IX : P1 � [...]

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A Face Book conversation on relativity and its effects

Relativity has fascinated many young minds (old too). #iwdayala0103c / gettyimages.com Below is a conversation between a student and a Physics Teacher on Facebook chat.   hlo sir, HELLO did u watch interstellar movie?? no kk… i hv a doubt regar [...]

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KV Pattom ‘dropped everything and read (D. E. A. R. )’ on 1st Nov., 2014

  View Full Album The students and staff members of Kendiya Vidyalaya Pattom have dropped everything and read under the " Drop Everything And Read" (D. E. A. R.), campaign organized in connection with the National Library Week on 1st November [...]

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