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Mr S. Ajayakumar, Principal
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Mr S. L. Faisal, Librarian

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Ms Rekha Rajan K., PGT(Eco.)
Ms Divya R. Nath, PGT (Eng)
Ms L. Jayalakshmi, TGT(Eng)
Ms Salina Bloson, TGT(Eng)
Ms Jalaja Kumari, PRT
AND Students from Class VI-XII

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Library Junction is an open online Academic Social Network launched by the Library Media Centre at Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. . OBJECTIVES i) To create an easily accessible and user friendly online learning platform which connects the library, teachers and students. ii) To support student-teacher collaborative learning practices. iii) To facilitate information sharing and knowledge creation. iv) To cultivate reading habit and the love towards books, reading and libraries. v) To develop information and media literacy skills. vi)To encourage critical thinking, innovation and creativity. vii) To reach out to the new generation users of the library at their own space and time. viii) To make learning more enjoyable.
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My Dear Book: Book reviews by Students

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KVS National Innovations and Experimentation Award 2010

NCERT National Competition on Innovative Practices and Experiments in Schools and Teacher Education Institutes 2010-'11 Award.

How it works ?

Library Junction is an online collaborative learning platform where the members can ask questions (Ask), express views and ideas (Blogs, Ideas), discuss issues related to different subject areas (Forum), share information (Photos, Videos, Links, Files), do projects together (Groups,Wikis, Events), communicate with other people (Chat, Comment) and know the world better.
Maths IX

1) Write an equation of a line which passes through the orgin. 2) Does the point (0,3) lie on the line 3x+4y+12? 3)Write a linear equation such that each point on its graph has an abscissa 4 times its ordinate. 4) Write 2 solutions of the linear equation [...]

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Information Practices XI

1. What is the difference between entry controlled and exit controlled loops? 2. Write four characteristics of Java programming language? 3. Write the result of the following java expressions: int a=4, b=3, c=5, d=6; a) System.out.print(“” + ((a>b) [...]

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Maths VII

1. Fill in the blanks. a) 35% + % = 100% b) 64% + 20% + % = 100% c) 455 = 100% – % d) 70% = % – 30% 2. 9 is 25% of what number? 3. 75% of what number is 15? 4. A shop has 500 parts, out of which 5 … Continue reading →

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English, X

I) (a) Prepare a brochure on any famous tourist spot in Kerala. Include colourful pictures. (b) What are the factors affecting tourism industry? (c) What steps can be taken to improve tourism?(Collect ideas from MCB Unit- Travel and Tourism) II) (a) Write [...]

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English, VIII

1. Write a book review on any book that you have read. 2. Write an article on ‘Live and Let Live’. Inputs kindness to animals, preserving the natural habitat of animals, endangered species, causes for depletion, suggestions to restore the endangered s [...]

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Library Junction Policy and guidelines

* "Library junction: Where Minds meet and Ideas pop up!" is an online academic social network launched for the academic development of students and teachers. * The views expressed on Library Junction is only attributed to the author and the network bears no responsibility. * Links to other websites are inserted for convenience and do not constitute endorsement of material at those sites, or any associated organisation, product or service. *The materials posted against the policy and guidelines of the Network will be removed without further explanation. Alert: This is a public social networking environment.

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Keeping silence in the Library

Category: Library, Books and Reading
Started by Library Junction • 6 years ago
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Which book in this series did you like the most?

Category: Library, Books and Reading
Started by MIDHUN MOHAN • 6 years ago
7 replie(s) • Last reply by Mayooha Vijay • 3 months ago

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