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Dec 19

will India ever manage to break free from the caste system ???

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thumbi aadhi (6 years ago)
ya of course..................
Mayooha Vijay (5 years ago)
NEVER !!!!! if we take a newspaper and look at the brides-grooms wanted page ,we can c that in some boxes it will be told that they will accept only this caste and not any other etcetcetc........ i dont think india can be freed frm this disease
Arya.S (10 years ago)
Even today people take caste into consideration when it comes to certain things like marriage. If we can't think out of the box, then we remain the stereotypes of 21st C.
Malavika R.J (9 years ago)
never......999 out of 1000 ppl r still aftr it nd mailny pl who talk against caste system are major followers of it including socialist ppl
ashikamohan (6 years ago)
may be ..no i'm sure!!!!!!
Arya.S (10 years ago)
Recently there was an article in Frontline about the caste discrimination even in the graves in Tamil Nadu. India still boasts of equality while this is the harsh reality.
Aajma Manoj (10 years ago)