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How to ask Questions in Physics at AskPhysics.com?

Sat 20 Nov 2010 00:22:25 | 1 comments
It's commonly observed that students are reluctant to ask questions in class openly. The main thing which bars them from asking is shyness or the thought that what they ask could be wrong or foolinsh. When talked personally, students (Especially of class 7 - 10) came with lot of doubts which many of us might not have even thought of during teaching (or learning).
So, I thought of creating a website where students (as well as any others) can post their questions without fear of ridicule.

How to begin?
The first step is to visit AskPhysics.com
The landing page itself gives you a form where you can ask questions. (See the figure below)Ask Physics Landing Page
Just key in your name and email address. Please double check your email address. You will get message from me regrading any clarification on your question only if the email address is correct.
The great fact is that the questions are not posted to the site, instead they come to my email inbox. I will read and answer the question and the question along with your answer will be posted on site.

If the question does not qualify to be published, the answer will be directly send to the email address supplied by you.

The visitors can also answer the questions already published. They can do this by utilizing the commenting system.
But remember that I have installed multilevel screening of comments. The comments containing spam or dirty words never reach me and will not be published at all. So make sure that the comments you post directly on the site are relevant and clean.

I try to give the answers in a brief and to the point manner. If you need further clarification or details, you can do so by adding comments to the already added  questions and answers.
You can subscribe to the posts and comments from the following links.
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Wish you all a happy experience at AskPhysics and LibraryJunction


Ask physics.com seems like a very useful site. Thanks for taking the time to do such a comprehensive write up on how to navigate it. As someone in the medical field (plastic surgery) - I think this is a very valuable resource! Thanks again!


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