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The goal of education should be to replace an empty mind with an open one. Among the cognitive abilities that help us in our day-to-day life are activities such as seeing, listening, talking, reading, writing, thinking and comprehending. The same activities also help us in our studies. Students who wish to acquire knowledge and wisdom in their lives must engage themselves in studying 

something every day even if initially they are unable to apply their mind completely to it.

Doing so, makes learning a habitual action. To make the process of reading more interesting befriend somebody with whom one can share what one reads. Students must read a book with a well-defined purpose.

But before doing this students must select a comfortable time and place where one can study every day.

After reading on a particular subject always review and try to recall the points that you have comprehended. If possible, discuss with your classmates but never compare yourself with others. If students engage themselves in classroom learning there would be no need for private tuition.

Start studying a subject of your interest, and always study all chapters given in the syllabus. Gradually turn to the subject that is not interesting. Slowly as you engage and try to comprehend the topics related to the subject, you will realise that it is not as difficult as you thought.


Concentration is the key to education. A peaceful environment helps us concentrate better, and so early mornings are most suitable for studies. For a healthy mind, a healthy body is essential.

Students must eat good nutritious food, and engage in sporting activities. Every day try to spend at least an hour in activities/hobbies of your choice. Maintain a good relationship with your family members, classmates and teachers. Good and sound sleep is also essential for health.

While preparing for an examination, students must remain positive. A mind filled with hope treats every situation properly and positively. Students must have faith in themselves.

For passing an examination successfully students must also have good memory and handwriting. The memory power of student depends on how his/her brain assimilates information.

A good handwriting is a reflection of the personality that you are, and so write legibly in examinations.



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