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Questioning Every Answer ?!!

Thu 25 Nov 2010 18:21:04 | 0 comments

In Physics (and Science in general),

"Questioning every answer is more important than answering every question"


Physics is a branch of science which is a result of human effort to answer too many questions ; mainly the HOWs and WHYs.

Science does not depend on blind beliefs and supersttitions. It is important to digest and assimilate things before you believe, atleast the ideas you learn must satisfy your conscience. Go on asking questions till you are satisfied with the answers and explanations and examples.

Questioning what you see, hear and feel is the natural way of collecting information and learning new things. See a child, it goes on asking questions, no matter whther it is getting right answers or not.


"Ask and you will get" (As the Bible says)

(Ask your Science and Physics related questions at AskPhysics.com)



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