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The importance of asking Questions in Class

Thu 25 Nov 2010 18:21:08 | 0 comments
The teacher teaches, the student studies (?)

This is not the scenario anymore.

Now we are laying stress on knowledge construction rather than passing on information from the teacher to the students.

The new knowledge is to be created, constructed by co operative effort and joint activities by the teacher and students.

Students are not passive listeners who are to take everything the teacher teaches to be granted. 
Just like proper ASSIMILATION of food requires proper chewing, every new concept that comes across must be churned well in your mind by asking questions and counter questions until your mind becomes satisfied with the answers you find.

Whenever you (or your mind) are in trouble with the unanswered questions, dare asking the teacher. Teachers are all lovers of knowledge. They love to share their knowledge. They are keen to help you out by giving the most appropriate answers. Teachers are always happy with inquisitive minds asking curious and intelligent questions. The questions and doubts asked by students are the occasions a teacher gets in updating his own knowledge. A teacher takes a question which he couldnot answer satisfactorily as a challenge, and he goes in search of the answer wandering in Libraries, internet and discussing with colleagues. This means, by asking questions the students are helping a teacher also in his professional uplift.

No question is foolish. (As the motto of AskPhysics.com goes; "Only those questions are foolish, which are not asked")

A question which you consider foolish may be the beginning of a new research, a new discovery, a new invention, a new theory ....

So, ask questions; let's learn together and have great fun with knowledge.



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