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Basaltic rocks and a (Basaltic cow)!!!

Fri 12 Aug 2011 11:37:36 | 5 comments
This is an account of my personal experience in the training camp which I recently attended and it is my pleasure to share this with the members of Library Junction.

It was my third day in Hyderabad. The professor who guides our group had instructed us to assemble in the lecture hall that day. We had  some specimens and rock samples in front of us. It was no fun studying about rock samples in an air conditioned room. Before we could think of boring sessions , sir told us that he would be taking us to the Anantgiri quarry to study about columnar basaltic rocks. We were all excited about the trip. A small van filled with food packets and water bottles and another with us started moving towards a place which can reach 45 degree c during summers. We wore hats and stepped out of the van into a windy place. It was a blackened place where we could see basalt everywhere. I took out my hammer and acquired a rock sample. Reddy sir was describing its qualities and Professor was busy taking photos..The heat was unbearable to me, a person who was used to a maximum of 33 degree c in Kerala. But still that was the most enjoyable part of our training programme. Initially I felt thirsty but soon I got used to it. I wondered as I was not sweating in that temperature. T o our surprise sirs asked us to climb a structure. We were all eager to climb something after we had a session climbing a structure Mt Everest in Snow World. But it was entirely different. Snow World was kept at --5 degree c and Anantgiri 45 degree c. I enjoyed climbing it .After this we had a session in which sirs left us alone in a puzzling maze structure of forests and rocks and we had to find our way out through it in 30 minutes. I got lost at 2 or 3 places but managed to come out of that within the time frame. As these things kept us busy we were not tortured by hunger , heat or thirst. After the day's sessions were over sir announced that we would be having similar sessions the following day near the Vijayawada -Bengalooru highway. We cheered. We were all tired by the time we boarded the van and removed our hats. I wished my brother was there. He was the one who really enjoyed these climbing , jumping and hammering stuff. It was a new experience to me. Some one commented on a black cow roaming around as a basaltic cow. When the van started moving I looked at my hands . They were sunburned and my legs were bruised despite wearing shoes. But they could not bother me. I was really happy. As I dozed off , I remembered my mother's advice to take care of myself when out in the sun and thought how she would worry seeing the bruises when I came home after the camp. I would never forget this day in my life.



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