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Sat 17 Sep 2011 17:43:33 | 2 comments
Today video games and computer games have become very popular among kids and teens.There are certain plus points when children play computer games.In many video games , the skills required to win involves high level thinking--the skill to follow the instruction, problem solving and logic skills and hand-eye coordination.

These games have  more negative impact s, especially when they play violent games. It will affect the studies. It will affect the vision of those who are spending hours and hours in front of their computers.Since there is no physical activity, it is likely to increase their risk of obesity,backaches, eye and hand injuries and even heart diseases.Computer games have a negative impact on the development of children which develops aggressive and anti-social behavior.


Totally agreed with your opinion. But there is something more than that is online games can give us freshness and happiness, and we can also get rid of boredom.
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