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The Indian Postal service, with 155,333 post offices,is the most widely  distributed post office system in the world. India has been divided into22 postal circles, each circle headed by a Chief Postmaster General. Each Circle is further divided into Regions comprising field units, called Divisions, headed by a Postmaster General.
Besides the 22 circles, there is a special Circle called Base Circle to cater to the postal services of the Armed Forces of India.
  The Indian Postal Services were established in the current format largely under the East India Company.It was first established under  the name " Company Dawk".In 1688 the the first post office of the company was established at Bombay
The postal department carries our mail, money orders and parcels to all the parts of India.The mail is sent by road,rail or air.Big cities have mobile post offices too.
       In some large cities, there are special letter boxes marked QMS, meaning quick mail service. From here letters reach faster , but the letter must have Pin Index Number. This code number is different for different areas of a village, town or city


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