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"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the
most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
-- Charles Darwin

Everything changes in this universe except the change.

Scientists quote the second law of thermodynamics and say that the total entropy of the universe is increasing every moment.

Poet says that you cant step into the same river twice because the water you first stepped in  is gone and it is a new river every time.

Religious practitioners say that God will have incarnations and will change this world from time to time.

A layman may not notice the changes happening around him unless it is 'felt' in his life.

Similarly a student may not notice or understand the changes in the field of education ; but a teacher would and  should.

Policy makers design and impose the changes through 'circulars'. But the changes can only be brought and the difference is made to be felt by the 'practitioners' only. In the field of education, that role belongs to ' teachers'.

It is easy to follow the rules, but to practice it ,in a broader and realistic perspective, needs commitment.
Commitment is germinated from conviction. And that is where , I feel that , the policies and the policy makers fail at times because they couldnt, or didnt bother, to convince the beneficiaries about the changes. Therefore the efforts did become mechanical and superficial.
But every system demands timely changes because " throughout history, most of the great civilisations that have declined were the victims of stagnation rather than conquest".
So if you dont find a timely and desired change in your system dont wait for others, instead LET YOU BE THE CHANGE



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