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MoBiLe geNeRaTiON

Mon 29 Nov 2010 11:52:54 | 3 comments
For some people, cell phones are a wonderful convenience of modern life; for others, they are irritating contraptions that should be banned from public areas. A mobile phone or cell phone is an electronic telecommunication device with the same basic capability as a conventional fixed-line telephone, but which is also entirely portable and is not required to be connected with a wire to the telephone network.
The mobile phone communicates via a cellular network of base stations, also known as cell sites, which are in turn linked to the conventional telephone networks. In addition to the standard voice function of a telephone, a mobile phone can support many additional services such as SMS for text messaging, packet switching for access to the Internet, and MMS for sending and receiving photos and videos. In less than twenty years, mobile phones have gone from being rare and expensive pieces of equipment used by businesses to an all pervasive low-cost personal item. In many countries, mobile phones now outnumber land-line telephones, with most adults and many children now owning mobile phones. It is not uncommon for young adults to simply own a mobile phone instead of a land-line for their residence. In some developing countries, where there is little existing fixed-line infrastructure, the mobile phone has become widespread.
Mobile phone etiquette has become an important issue with mobiles ringing at funerals, weddings, movies and plays. Users often speak at increased volume, with little regard for other people nearby. It has become common practice for places like bookshops, libraries, movie theatres, and places of worship to post signs prohibiting the use of mobile phones, sometimes even installing jamming equipments to prevent them.
                            Despite all the abuses, one cannot deny the uses of mobiles. They are one's easily available help in case of an emergency. They save a lot of time  making multiple calls to track a single person. Thus they increase direct one-on-one relationship. They also keep loved and near ones well connected. The SMS is also a convenient way to keep in touch with your loved ones when no one has the time for writing long drawn letters which take days to even reach. Mobiles are also a great source of entertainment. You can listen to songs,play games, get live cricket scores, market-updates and even the headlines. No matter where one goes, cell phones are the only hope of keeping families connected without any hassle. They are convenient, easily accessible and of great use. All one has to remember is that mobiles were invented for our convenience and not to create nuisance. If used judiciously mobiles can be of great use. Technology is here and it is here to stay. 


It's easy to forget how much different things were before the mobile phone. I can honestly say that I don't think I could get by for very long with out one nowadays. I think that as long as common courtesy and etiquette are observed, mobile phones are one of the best inventions of modern technology!
Yes. I support the view that mobiles sometimes neglect the common courtesy. But it is a useful gadget which is an integral part of modern life
hey nice thought.

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