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From the moment I accepted the grief-sorrow as my secret love,
Then it become easy to accommodate the hidden scorching also.
At present there is no desire to march from this tyrant era,
That is why I am hiding the tears and singing my poems also.
Contentment will effect,if found resting places in others heart,
So,along with singing,trying to erase from the time envy also.
All the time I want to sing my poems,there is no other option left,
So while strolling,clearing my path,to parallel with you also.
These bud like poems,I present all of them for you only,
And while composing,started picking up the sane feelings also.
This is not to share grief,this is not to get worthless appreciation,
Never think these as accusations,accept my brave gratitude also.
I have prepaid the rights to the breast of sword many times,
He has got the flavour too,he has tasted my blood also.



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