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Shutting down Library Junction !!!

Tue 04 May 2010 07:35:23 | 0 comments
Ning, the social networking platform on which Library Junction is running has decided to close down or phase out

all its free networks and become a paid only service. They say that on 4th May 2010, they will announce new payment packages. Please click here to see more details from the Ning official blog.

Then, what will happen to this network ?

There are three options

1. Choose any one of the premiumpackages that Ning offered by paying a monthly fee.(Premium services include options to run our own ads, remove create links, use own domain name, or buy extra storage and bandwidth for our Ning network.) Please click here to see the monthly charges. If we go for this option we have to pay the Ning a monthly fee (as far now, for the lowest 4.95 $ per month for own domain+ the domain hosting charge (450/month (DNS registration)+ Hosting charge 150/month). means we have to find approximately Rs. 5200/year for maintaining the network.

2. Creating a new network on other free services. The Library Junction took nearly four months to to become what it is today. It is having more than 520 members and is not a small task to convert all things from here to there. And I am not sure about the not so active members of the networkand their availability and willingness to change over.As far as today Ning is the most robust and dynamic social networking platform available.

(I have just coneverted some data to Grou.ps experimentally. Please see the new network and comment)

3. Closing down the Library Junction.
The last but not so good option. There by we will miss a platform for sharing, networking and collaboration.

Dear member, what you think about these options. I am waiting for the May 4th announcement from Ning about the new pay structure. If it will be not affordable, I am sure that we together can make a solution.
And what you think about the three options detailed above. I need your responses immediately. Whatever you think please comment.



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