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Sat 20 Aug 2011 05:27:02 | 1 comments
I don't know why I get reminded of such incidents very frequently but whenever I do I feel like sharing it with LJ. This one is not regarding me but regarding a granny , a senior citizen who lives in my neighborhood  . This had happened 6 months  ago. I was riding my bicycle one fine Saturday evening after school. I had completed 3 rounds that day. From home to ,school to temple and again from temple to home. Near the temple lived a granny whom I had never seen until this particular day. She waved her hands and stopped me. I got annoyed because I never liked anybody to obstruct my only weekend pleasure. She asked my name and started a chat. I thought it would  end soon but it didn't. She was smiling and talking as if I was the only person whom she had waited for talking . While talking, I glanced sideways and saw that some children were showing gestures to stop talking with that granny. In order to make the gestures clear I stepped back to see what they were conveying. To my horror, she grabbed my hand , held it firmly and continued talking. I perspired. I felt uneasy.There was a compound wall between us and she was holding my hand as if she never wanted to let it go.  Although scared I paid attention as I felt that was what she wanted. She told me that she was all alone in the big house. She had 2 children who were abroad and rarely came home. Her husband was no more and she was staying with a home nurse who never allowed her to step out of the house. I wondered why she was opening up with me. Slowly, I understood... it was the issue that we get for essays very frequently, "burden of old age",that she was mentioning. While talking she repeatedly looked back towards the house and told me that it was the rare opportunity that she got to talk to some one. Perhaps it was the home nurse she was looking for . She had told me that she was in the house. I felt sorry for her. I allowed her to hold my hand and talk for another 15 minutes. Soon it was getting dark. I told her that my mother would panic if I did not not reach home in time and she let go of my hand. She invited me for a tea another day. I rode back to my house and told my father about all these things . He told me that that old granny was known for frequent mental outbursts and that was why the children were showing gestures. Then I knew the reasons for her mental outbursts. I talked to the Residents' Association head whom we called "uncle" and  who was very friendly with us, about this incident, and along with my friend suggested that we would celebrate grand parents day  in that house . With granny's permission the whole lot of children gathered in her compound and held all the functions there  which would have been held in Association's hall. We spent one evening there and promised her that we would hold next year's function  also there. We understood that what she needed was someone to hear her and talk to her . Besides, the children also got rid of fear of that granny. We still conduct frequent visits there and I am sure those are some of the happiest moments in her and our life.


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