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summary breaking dawn

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Book One

The first chapter, entitled "Engaged", starts off a few days before the wedding while Edward is off hunting leaving Bella home without him. Bella is driving a new expensive sports car, a Mercedes-Benz s600 Guardian. Edward gave it to her because her old '53 Chevy finally died. When she stops at a gas station, two men admire her car and tell her that the car hasn't been released in the United States or Europe yet. She then goes home. Bella stays in her car and uses the cell phone, that again Edward bought her, to call Seth Clearwater, a werewolf who Edward is now friends with after they fought Victoria. She asks how Jacob Black is doing. Seth tells her that Jacob, still is in his wolf form, is somewhere in Northern Canada and that he is not coming home. Bella is upset, because she just wants to see him again. She then has recollections of the night that she told Charlie about her engagement. When Bella had finally had the courage to tell her father, Charlie just assumed that Bella was pregnant. He also laughed hysterically when he realized how Bella's mother, Renee would react. But Bella's Mom took the news well, and even offer to help with the wedding plans! Bella was shocked! When Bella goes inside the house Alice is fitting Charlie into his tuxedo for the wedding, and then says that it's Bella's turn. While she is being fitted by Alice, Bella thinks about Edward, and how nice it will be after the wedding, and the honeymoon.

The wedding then comes and goes rather quickly, and the book speeds into the honeymoon. Edward takes her to Isle Esme, a present from Carlisle to Esme, off the coast of Brazil. Edward also grants Bella's wish and makes love to her. The next day they argue because Edward's passion leaves dark bruises all over Bella's body. Although Bella doesn't care about the injuries, he insists that they spend their days doing tiring activities to make her too tired for anything at night. Meanwhile, she has a dream about a small, green-eyed boy that she feels compelled to protect. Bella also finds herself constantly hungry and sick It is only until she sees a box of unused tampons that she packed that she realized that she is pregnant. She automatically becomes attached to the baby, even thought it will kill her, and Edward is worried. They rush home to the Cullen mansion, but Bella has called upon Rosalie to help protect her baby, so Edward is not allowed to go through with an abortion.

Book Two

This book is told from Jacob's perspective. He gets the news of Edward and Bella's return, and that Carlisle has told Charlie that Bella is quarantined because she has contracted a rare disease in South America. Jacob assumes that Bella has been bitten and transformed. He is upset when Sam Uley, acting Alpha of the pack, declares that the pack will not retaliate. Jacob, full of rage, decides that if the pack will not retaliate collectively, he will act by himself. Creating strategies of attack, he runs to the Cullen house. When he arrives, he discovers that things aren't what he thought. Bella, as opposed to being a newborn vampire, is already heavily pregnant with Edward's child. Everyone realizes that the child's rapid growth is starving Bella. She cannot digest her food as she gets sick after eating anything. Tension runs high in the Cullen household as Rosalie supports Bella's decision to have the baby and aids her in every way possible. Edward is furious at Rosalie and the family is divided. Things are not looking good for Bella, and Jacob is depressed over thinking that she will die and be transformed into a newborn vampire. Jacob is so depressed that he takes Edward's car drives down to a park, and tries to imprint on girls to make himself feel better. Later, Bella goes into labor about on month after the honeymoon. The hard placenta that surrounds the child cracks; Bella begins throwing up blood. The child breaks free and Bella is almost dead. Edward delivers the baby, a girl, Renesmee, and begins to transform Bella into a vampire. He injects his venom into her heart and bites her in several places. Jacob and Edward perform CPR to try to keep Bella's heart beating. Then, thinking that Bella is dead, Jacob leaves the room and goes on a rampage to find the baby to try and kill it. He finds her in Rosalie's arms and looks into the baby's eyes. They are exactly the same shade of brown as Bella's. Then, Jacob imprints on her.

Book Three

The book returns to Bella's perspective, and she has just given birth to her daughter, and is now experiencing the painful transformation from human to vampire. After receiving an injection of morphine to help ease the pain, Bella is unable to move. As the morphine diminishes, Bella consciously stays absolutely still to alleviate Edward's guilt and agony over the discomfort of her transformation. When she opens her eyes, she feels a warm hand on her. She is startled and moves to a defensive position. She then realizes that Edward now feels relatively warm to her, and that she is now a vampire. The Cullens are worried of Bella as newborn-vampires are violent. Yet, Bella manages to demonstrate some self-control. This is bizarre for any new born. All she wants is to see her daughter, Renesmee (pronounced "ruh-NEZ-may"), whose name is a mix of her mother Renee, and Edward's mother, Esme's names. Since Renesmee is part-human, the everyone thinks that Bella will not be able to control her newborn thirst if she sees the child so soon without first hunting. But the strange thing is that Bella doesn't even remember her thirst until someone brings it up. Edward takes Bella on her first hunt to ease her thirst. Before they leave, Alice shows Bella her reflection. She now is a stunningly beautiful woman with flawless skin and newborn-vampire red eyes. Bella experiments with her new body on the hunt. She is now graceful, strong, and fast, a big difference from her clumsy human body. While hunting, she accidentally crosses a human scent. She again demonstrates remarkable self control by running away. Edward is amazed, because newborns have little self control, especially while hunting. When they return, Bella is allowed to see her daughter because of her self-control in the woods. Because Renesmee is growing at an amazing rate, she looks older than her calendar age. Bella learns of Renesmee's gift - the ability to communicate by sending images to people's minds through touch. Bella is infuriated when she learns that Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee. She says it is his fault that he has imprinted on her child. She held her self control until she found that Jacob nicknamed her daughter "Nessie." Bella despises the name because it sounds like the the Loch Ness monster. She loses her self-control and she tries to attack Jacob.

Later for Bella's birthday, she receives her after car which is a red Ferarri, and a small cottage in the woods not too far from the Cullen's house. Everything is okay until they take Renesme hunting and Irina, a Delali coven member sees Reneseme and thinks she is an immortal child. In the past, Immortal children caused mass destruction and chaos in the past. Then, Alice leaves the Cullens after seeing a vision of the Volturi showing up with an army. The Cullens round up all of their friends and allies for a fight with the Volturi, which Alice predicted to be when the snow sticks the the ground. Bella also has to decipher a note left by Alice in one of her books, which she cannot tell Edward about because of Aro's ability to read minds. Bella also discovers that her power of mind-privacy has a shielding effect and she wonders if she can extend this protection to others. During the month of preparation for the Volturi, several of the vampires with quantifiable supernatural talents teach Bella how to expand the barrier. When the Volturi and Irina finally arrive, all of the vampires and the werewolves meet in a clearing in the forest. The Volturi discover that they has been misinformed and immediately execute Irina for her mistake. However, the Volturi are still not satisfied to leave because they want all of the exceptionally gifted vampires to join their group. Bella's gift disables the Volturi's offensive fighters, Alec (who causes one to lose all their senses, much like numbing someone) and Jane (who creates the illusion of pain in the victim), when she shields everyone on her side. Aro, Caius and Marcus decide to vote on whether or not Renesmee will be a danger to the vampire world when she attains maturity. It is only until Alice and Jasper return that the day is truly saved. they come with another half-human, half-vampire from South America who is about one hundred fifty years-old. He and his three half-sisters (who are also half-vampire, half-human) are the children of a vampire who is creating a super race. They have never caused any danger to the vampire world. Only the male half-vampire is venomous; the female half-vampires are not. So the Volturi leave in peace.

After all the chaos, Bella and Edward return to their cottage and put Nessie to bed. And the book has a true happy ending as Bella places her hands on Edward's cheeks and tries to push away her shield. She has been secretly practicing for this moment. She thinks of all of her special memories that she wants to share with Edward. He is finally able to see for the first time just how deeply she has always loved him. and the Twilight Series comes to a close with:



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