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Here is an update on all the podcasted events from Niels Damgaard on IFLA2010 in Gothenborg, Sweden

- please feel free to distribute this to schoollibrarians and others interested in this matter.
- or RE-twitter this from @SBNING:
"Now you will find 6 selected podcasted events - from #IFLA2010 here at SBNING - http://ning.it/9Ucnqf - Listen, enjoy - and please comment!"

SBNING (the Nordic NING for School Librarians) have been podcasting for School Librarians of the world!
- and now you will find selected sessions podcasted - including papers and powerpoint here on this NING

Please comment on these events in the space for comments under the talks on the SBNING
You have to be a member of SBNING - to post a comment - its FREE for all :-)
The SBNING have now 10 groups in English - the rest 20 is in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish!

Selected events (for schoollibrarians) - from IFLA2010 - listen and enjoy these here:
- just download the MP3- podcast and open the se the Powerpoint in another tap while listen to the show! - its nearly like beeing there :-)

1. Pre-event. The future of School Libraries (Burgården (9.08.10)
2. IFLA-session 74 - Information Literacy (11.08.10)
3. IFLA-session 89 - Metropolitan Libraries with Public Libraries (12.08.10)
4. IFLA-session 108- Libraries for Children and Schoolibraries & C... (13.08.10)
5. IFLA-session 123- Education and training  (13.08.10)
6. IFLA-session 133- Literacy and Reading/Library services for Multicu... (14.08.10)

Follow more virtual information on this IFLA-site

Niels Damgaard
Editor for the Nordic NING for School Librarians

Skype: niels_oslo
Tlf: +47 67 53 98 18

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