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  • Research shows that property values rise with the proximity to protected green space. (University of Georgia 2003)
  • The economic impact of agriculture in Hillsborough County (Tampa) is the same as having a Super Bowl each month of the year. (Economic Stewardship Foundation)
  • Lee County (Master Planned Community): Land uses that appear to have a lower dollar return such as open space, wildlife habitats, wetlands, and recreation areas have a positive effect on adjacent land uses, and impart higher values and higher return on investment to these adjacent land uses. The combination of land usage with open space enhances the overall value of the area not just one individual type of land use.
  • “Georgia developers have confirmed that homes in conservation subdivisions tend to sell faster for higher prices than homes in nearby conventional subdivisions.” (Atlanta Regional Commission)
  • In Concord, Massachusetts, homes in a conservation subdivision appreciated at a 21% average annual rate, compared to an 18.4% rate in a nearby conventional subdivision with lots five times as large as those in the conservation division. (Lacy 1990)
Developing with nature in mind at Harmony, FL
  • Numerous studies have shown that property value of homes adjacent to parks and open spaces typically appraise at 8% to 20% more than comparable properties.
  • A series of studies at the University of Washington were performed to investigate the role of trees on shoppers’ behavior in retail business districts. The results show that shoppers claimed that they were willing-to pay 10% more for products in a shopping area with trees. (Wolf, 2003)
  • A study by the Davey Resource Group found that rental rates of commercial office properties were about 7% higher on sites having a quality landscape, including trees. (Laverne & Winson-Geideman, 2003)

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