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Apr 12


The Gruffalo Chorus

Make the deep dark wood come alive with the sound of music by clicking on the Gruffalo and the other animals.

Magic Ballerina: Journey to Enchantia

Play these three fun games to unlock FREE exclusive downloads!
The Gruffalo ChorusMagic Ballerina: Journey to Enchantia

Miffy Puzzle Game

Piece together the puzzle to make the picture of Miffy and the new baby.

Miffy Memory Game

Have fun while testing your memory! Match all the pairs of Miffy animals and objects.
Miffy Puzzle GameMiffy Memory Game

The Princess Poppy game

The wind has blown the poppies away and you must catch as may as you can in your basket.

The Jane Blonde game

Use your observation and memory skills in the spy lab to help Jane Blonde solve the puzzles
Play the Princess Poppy gamePlay the Jane Blonde game now

The Cows in Action game

How fast can you help the cows escape from the island!!!

The Barnaby Grimes game

Can you help Barnaby jump across the rooftops in London to escape the wolfs below!!!
Play the Cows in Action game Play the Barnaby Grimes game

The Daisy ‘Eat your Peas’ game

Can you help Daisy select a scrumptious meal that she will enjoy

The Pinkie dress-up game

Pinkie needs your help. Can you help Piinkie get dressed to match the description
Play the Daisy 'Eat your Peas' gamePlay the Pinkie dress-up game

The Magic Tree House - Pirate Treasure game

Can you help Jack and Annie save the gold medallions from falling into the ocean

The Sebastian Darke: Vegetable-throwing game

How fast are you!!! See how much fruit you can throw at the king in one minute
Play the Magic Tree House gamePlay the Sebastian Darke: Vegetable-throwing game

The Astrosaurs game

Can you help Teggs and the gang to navigate throught a asteroid strike!!!

Humphrey the Hamster game

How many nuts can you help Humphrey collect as they fall through the letter of his book?
Play the Astrosaurs game Play the Humphrey the Hamster game

Winnie's Loony Laundry

Winnie’s latest spell has gone badly wrong - can you help her

Dinosaur Cove - fossil hunt

See how many fossils you can find in a minute
Play the 'Winnie's Loony Laundry' gamePlay the Fossil Hunt game

Dressing Up Dreams

Amber loves to play dressing- up. Help her choose an outfit.

Rainbow Magic

Jack Frost's goblins have taken over the land and it's up to you to save it.
Play the Dressing Up Dreams gamePlay the Rainbow Magic game

Beast Quest

Battle the Beasts in the ultimate Beast tournament.

Henderson's Boys

Be a secret agent on the streeets of World War II Paris
Play the Beast Quest gamePlay the Henderson's Boys game

How to Train Your Dragon

Train your own dragon to fly, hunt and breathe fire.

Mr Gum Presents: Butchers Darts

Play Mr Gum’s & Billy William III’s favourite game, the revolting Butcher’s Darts. It’s grimsters.
Play the How to Train Your Dragon gamePlay Mr Gum presents: Butchers Darts

Girls FC Penalty Shoot-out Game

Try your luck at deceiving the goalkeeper in our very own Girls FC penalty Shoot-out game.

Jamie Johnson: The Kick Off

Brush up on your shooting practice, download cool wallpapers or enter a colouring-in competition to win a copy of ‘The Kick Off’ signed by author Dan Freedman.
Girls FC Penalty Shoot-out GameJamie Johnson: The Kick Off

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wimp Wars

Zoo-wee mama! Test your Wimpy Kid knowledge - the fastest player wins

Gargoylz - Azzan's Time Game

Keep Azzan in the spotlight as this is his act and his chance to reveal his superior acting skills!

The Chronicles of Avantia: The Mask of Death

Avantia needs you! Are you brave enough to piece together The Mask of Death?

Beast Quest: Convol Virtual Pet

Ever wanted to own your own Beast? Now's your chance!
Girls FC Penalty Shoot-out GameJamie Johnson: The Kick Off


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