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Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation
The term continuous in CCE refers to periodicity and regularity in assessment. It does not mean that tests and assignments have to be conducted or given frequently. On the contrary, the scheme of CCE
discourages mechanical testing. It envisages employment of variety of
tools and techniques for assessment in informal and formal settings which are more interesting, relevant and meaningful and involve learners for greater participation and learning.

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Do you think that slip test is useful?

Started by Ajay Mohan V • 10 years ago
Last reply by Aajma Manoj1 replie(s)

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Aajma Manoj 10 years ago
CCE is very nice system of course but v get no time 2 study nowadayzz..
kavya.k 10 years ago
just study.......!!!!!!!!!!!
PHEBE JOSHUA 10 years ago
What's use of putting slip tests each and every day ? Some may prepare and come and some may not. so it might benefit only some. Some of the students are against this, and the main reason is losing marks.
S. L. Faisal 10 years ago
CCE Teacher's and Student resources
KURUVILA M JACOB 10 years ago
i dont like dis system.
wats de point of having unit test and class test.
in de previous system we had just 3 uts and 2 main exam but now we have plenty plenty of class tests and 2 uts and 2 main exam .

i dont think the new system makes a difference it only puts more burden on de student
Aajma Manoj 10 years ago
inCCEwe can learn through fun and we can also score more marks
Ajay Mohan V 10 years ago
CCE is a very good way of learning and helps us a lot in many ways.
jacobv1996 10 years ago
CCE is a easy way 2 study score marks.
abhishek 10 years ago
It is better than old system.....
BINOY.J.BIJU 10 years ago
How we can easily score marks?
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