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Vishwa Asokan

cool news column..

We are not geek ...are we? So you can see any cool newspaper facts from now on whenever I post in it..... 1.Congragulations for MAngalyaan project. Indeed a proud moment to feel.


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all about books all about knowledge.

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Vishwa Asokan Bye guys. From KV Pattom. @#Bangalore...:(
Vishwa Asokan Hi everyone, its been a long time since I came here. Howzz everyone going with their life?? If ur going good, well congratz on that. And if not, read a good book, simple. ;)
Vishwa Asokan Yoohoo guys my family and me are @ my lovely borne place Bangalore for SIS's COMEDK exam. I guess there will be lot of us at blore this time for the exam. Reshma, it would be lovely to meet and gayathri's family, ryt? Meanwhile we r searching for my  admission here. Don't know whether I will be studying here or @ Bangalore. Anyways happy holidays for all of u guys.
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Vishwa Asokan Hey guys, does anyone know Sharon's and Aniksha's number???
If yes, player send it to me.
Vishwa Asokan is reading Prisoner of Azkaban.
Vishwa Asokan Merry Christmas!!!
Vishwa Asokan Hello!!!!!!!! My friends, how are you?All the best for the upcoming exams...
Vishwa Asokan created a new subgroup 9 3/4...
Vishwa Asokan Thankful to god that I got a school like this.
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Vishwa Asokan Stop being engineers, and engineering graduates. Engineer something. Be the celebrity of tomorrow.
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Vishwa Asokan I am presently not reading anything. I just finished reading the Dollar BAhu by Sudha Murty. A nice and simple novle as expected. Iwant to read the prisoner of Azkaban.
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