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Books are our best companions. Our friends many sometimes refuse to help us, as they may not be in a position to help us either because of illness or because of some other inconvenience. But books are always ready to come to our help .we can listen ti their words and receive comfort from them . Reading a book is like talking to its author . We listen to his words . Then we talk to him and he listens in silence . We feel comfort . Some books comfort us by the author .   

If we have books with us , we can never feel bored or lonely . When we read a book we are not merely conversing with the author . We participate in the life described in the book . If the book describes ancient Greece or Rome , we feel that we are in ancient Greece or Rome . The book transports us to the past , and we feel that the ancient heroes are our companions . If the book is a novel , we feel  that  the characters are our companions . While reading a novel we often identify ourselves with one of the characters,  and share his or her experience . Sitting in our own room, we can travel round the world or journey into the past if we have book with us . Thus reading a book is often a journey through space and time .

Books provide instruction as well as delight. We learn many things by reading books . At the same  time they give us immense pleasure. Books are therefore our best companions. 


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