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He holds almost all records in the history of the glorious game of cricket. People call him as God of Cricket. People termed as a person who was born to play cricket. As the famous Zimbabwean cricket captain and now England Coach Andy Flower once said: “There are two types of cricketers in this world: 1st Sachin Tendulkar and the 2nd the rest of the others. That shows to show what Sachin Tendulkar is to the Team India and the cricketing world. Tonight the whole nation will “Bleed in Blue” to cherish the victory in the final of the Cricket World Cup 2011.

It took a wait of 28 years and more than 20 years for Sachin Tendulkar to bring the cup back home. Gautam Gambhir, the leading scorer in the Indian innings who missed a world cup final century said that the win is dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar. In spite of the long wait, it was a fairy tale wait. Winning the world cup in a ground where he has played and practiced for over 25 years. After the victory it was not Mahendra Singh Dhoni who hit the winning runs or Gautam Gambhir who hit the most number of runs in the innings but Sachin Tendulkar who was carried around the ground in Mumbai. This goes to show what it means for the team to win it for the Sachin Tendulkar. It also shows what the team is made up of to have carried the master batsman around the ground, the team spirit! It is difficult to put the right words to explain what it meant for him.

People who watched the team in close quarters saw a man who had conquered the world of cricket with his bat and a million hearts, almost in tears. Yes it is a team game but it was won for one of the greatest ambassador's of cricket in his home turf. This moment will remain as the twilight of his career. This one honor was the one thing that he was not able to help conquer all the world cups he has played. Though he has not made a significant contribution in this final, people know how heart broken he was every time India returned empty handed without the world cup. Rightly so it was won for him by his team this time. What an honor for arguably the best cricketer to have ever played the game. Perhaps this is the reason why he is worshiped as “GOD” in India.