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Will India Ever Be a Corruption "Free" Country?

As we know that our world is filled with corruption ,terrorism and so many more . Can u Suggest Some Measures To reduce Corruption in your Daily Life?

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KURUVILA M JACOB (10 years ago)
i dont think so. everyone is greedy for money.
thumbi aadhi (6 years ago)
India will definitely become corruption free. Although the beneficiaries of corruption are highly powerful people, their number is quite lesser than those who suffer the ill-effects that is the lower income group or the middle class which is full of energetic revolutionary youth who will take the law in their own hands.
Vishwa Asokan (6 years ago)
Yes India can if the people living here have a good mind and less greediness for money
Aajma Manoj (10 years ago)
if people in india can make indai a pollution free country they can make india a Corruption "Free" Country