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Books and E-books, which will you prefer ?

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GAYATHRI SANKAR (7 years ago)
books are more good because E-books can cause damage to our eyesight.
anoopanil12 (8 years ago)
sreelekshmi_sreekumar (7 years ago)
books only
thumbi aadhi (6 years ago)
I would prefer books E-books can cause damage to our eyesight....
Mayooha Vijay (5 years ago)
books r better b'cause they dont spoil our eyesight and..........the pleasure of seeing,imagining and reading books are somewhat magical
Malavika R.J (9 years ago)
ebooks are eminently portable and promoting ebooks can help us get rid of d shacles of heavy schoolbags.........it can store hundreds of buk in a small handheld electronic reader.
Arya.S (10 years ago)
I prefer books to E-books because the pleasure of reading books cannot be substituted by anything else.We can touch and feel a book whereas it is not with the case of E-books.
ashikamohan (6 years ago)
i prefer books,because they never damages.
little darling (10 years ago)
i prefer books bcos it fun to read and imangning th pictures in mind.
vijay mahesh (8 years ago)
I prefer Books than e books because we can read a books on our comfort stly
Vishwa Asokan (6 years ago)
Books are far far better because e books damage our eyesight, we can't concentrate on ebooks
Aajma Manoj (10 years ago)
i prefer books sunch as fiction books, non fiction books, informative books etc.
ashikamohan (5 years ago)
i think both are useful
$***MiNnU.g.S***$ (8 years ago)
books are much better.....bcoz pleasure of reading a story can be only felt wen u read a book....
Aajma Manoj (9 years ago)
books r easy 2 read......we dont hav 2 sit in front of the cmputer while readin it
meghana.suresh (10 years ago)
i prefer books only because in book there are so many things to be learnt.