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A Social Networking Site for KVs

Sun 21 Aug 2011 18:48:08 | 1 comments
KVSOCIAL - A Social networking Website for KVians
After a gap of about one year, KVSOCIAL is back again. It was started initially with Ning and when Ning started charging fees for maintaining sites with them, it was shifted to grou.ps and attracted thousands of members. All was going well and on one fine morning, grou.ps has also become a paid service and it had to stop. But after repeated requests from the members and others who wanted to join the site and connect with the KV Alumni world wide, it was decided to choose a paid plan and restart the group.
SO now the site KVSOCIAL is live and active with better facilities. 
Visit now to find what's new and join!

Not just social networking; KVSOCIAL is a place for Learning, Entertainment, Sharing. It's much like LIbrary Junction. You will love it. More facilities will be added as per user request.


good afternoon, my respected teachers from kv hinoo


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