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Sep 11

For a change, they are not busy writing software codes; rather, this group of techies in the city is setting up a library for underprivileged children. On International Literacy Day on Wednesday, Bangalore-based Ness Technologies India Private Limited, announced the initiative and said that the main aim of the library would be to foster healthy reading habits among kids, who
had little access to books.

The library will come up at the Dodabelle Government School in Kengeri. The school has been adopted by the corporate house in April. “We are thinking of formally inaugurating the library by the first week of October,” said Neha Arora, head, corporate social responsibilities (CSR) of Ness Technologies.

“We hope to collect at least 1,500 books during our month-long book-collection drive. We want to stack the library with storybooks, textbooks, atlas, children’s puzzles and educational games,” said John Pallepamu, an employee of Ness Technologies.

“The response from our colleagues has been encouraging. Each one of them has promised to either donate old books of their children or buy new ones for the library,” said Reanna Pereira, another member, involved in developing the library. A core group of seven people of Ness Technologies are involved in creating the library. The school currently has around 140 students in Class I to Class VII. The school has five teachers, including the headmaster.

“We’re looking forward to have a library in our school. The library will introduce the students to a large and vast collection of books. There are some students, who cannot even afford to buy their textbooks,” said Anand Rao, headmaster of the school.

As a part of its corporate social responsibility, Ness Technologies has tied up with Peace Child, a Bangalore-based NGO.

Source: http://www.dnaindia.com/bangalore/report_techies-get-together-to-set-up-a-library-for-underprivileged-kids-in-bangalore_1435593

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