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Jun 07

By Hannah Watson

That old stereotype of the quiet bookworm sitting in the corner reading a book while the world passes by is so passe these days. While there is no doubt those who love books can often be found reading, they are also eager to meet others who share their passion for literature. It’s easier than ever to do so with the popularity of online social networks. The following social sites offer plenty of opportunities for bookworms to unite.

Share Your Love of Books Online

These social networks offer some of the most popular and some not quite so well known, but all provide a chance to connect with others who love to read.

  1. Shelfari. Get a virtual bookshelf here where you can show the books you’ve read, what you want to read, and share your books and opinions with friends on this site rated as one of the most beautiful social networking sites.
  2. Goodreads. Not only can you share your books and reviews here, but you can form virtual book clubs, try your hand at book trivia, and more.
  3. Library Thing. Catalog your books virtually, find reviews from others, share your opinion, and more on this popular networking site.
  4. ConnectViaBooks. Sharing a love of books is only the first part of this social network that includes an interactive world map on the landing page that shows activities of members.
  5. weRead. Connect with other book-loving members, participate in quizzes and polls, and more.
  6. Noting:books. Keep notes about the books you are reading, including the day your started and your thoughts as you read. Share your notes with others or read members’ notebooks they keep.
  7. ReadWhale. Make your book shelf, connect with others, discuss books, and even interact on Twitter with this social network.
  8. Reader�. Connect with other readers through your reading list that includes recommendations, keyword tags, and more.
  9. aNobii. When you search a book through aNobii, not only can you find members with that book on their lists and ratings, but you have options for purchasing the book online, access to code for blogging about the book, and more.
  10. BookJetty. Track books, find out if books are available in local libraries, connect with friends, and more on BookJetty.
  11. BookRabbit. Don’t rely on virtual bookshelves, upload photos of your real bookshelves, then join in discussions with other members and check out their shelves, too.
  12. Revish. Review books, join groups, keep a reading journal, and much more on this site.
  13. BookSprouts. Focusing mostly on creating an online book club environment, BookSprouts makes it easy to find others to discuss your latest reads.
  14. Readernaut. Create your library, track your progress as you read, and connect with others at Readernaut.
  15. Bookarmy. Read reviews, get recommendations, read about authors, read online, and connect with others so that you "never read a bad book again."
  16. Booktagger. Add the books your like and tag them with descriptions, then join or create a book group, create book lists by fun categories you create, keep track of books you’ve loaned, and more.
  17. LibroSpot. Manage your books, share information about them, and find information on books you are interested in reading.
  18. Bookhuddle. List your books, find and write reviews, join book clubs, and participate in discussions with others.
  19. Chain Reading. Share what you are reading and planning to read or find and share recommendations on books.
  20. Juicespot. Get the juice on books or spill the juice yourself at this social network for those who love books.
  21. LivingSocial: Books. This section of LivingSocial allows members to organize, share, and link to books or just discuss favorites.
  22. Booklicker. Connect with others who love books at this site that offers discussion, recommendations, and reviews.
  23. BookRevyoo. Review books and rate others’ reviews at this site where you can also add books to be reviewed and add keyword tags to books.
  24. Book Network. This social network offers groups, blogs, a forum, a bookshop, and much more.

Book Swapping Sites

Buying books can be expensive, so join one of these groups to meet others and swap books.

  1. BookCrossing. This fun way to share books includes the online sharing available elsewhere, but also promotes leaving your used books behind for others to discover.
  2. BookMooch. When you give away your books, you earn points that allow you to get books from others here.
  3. SwapTree. Trade your books for other books or anything else you want here. Don’t want to part with your books? Then trade your DVDs, CDs, and video games for more books.
  4. WhatsOnMyBookshelf. Rather than writing descriptions of books, tag them and look for books you might want while providing your used books to others.
  5. BookHopper. This international site encourages book swapping through the mail within your own country. Be sure to check out the forums where you can discuss books and authors, too.
  6. FrugalReader. List books by ISBN and earn points for all that you give away, then redeem your points for books from other members. You receive enough points for two paperbacks or one hardback when you list nine books.
  7. BiblioPhil. Manage lists, offer books to loan to trusted buddies, sell books, and more at BiblioPhil.
  8. PaperBackSwap. This site facilitates swapping of not only paperbacks for its members.
  9. Bookins. For $4.49 to cover shipping, you can trade any book or DVD with members on this site.
  10. Title Trader. Earn points by trading your books, DVDs, and CDs or by referring members to the group, then get the books you want for free.

Innovative and Specialized Book Networks

These groups offer either a very specialized topic or an innovate approach to book appreciation.

  1. Kindle Forum, Kindle Social Network. Kindle users can meet others here and share their love of books and their Kindle readers.
  2. BookGlutton. Discuss books while you read them online with other members on BookGlutton.
  3. BooksWellRead. This social networking site is an online journal about the things members have read. Whether you want to jot down notes about your latest fiction book or the chapter of homework from your economics class, keep online notes that can be private or shared with other members.
  4. BiblioTravel. Connect with others over books that represent a specific city or take you away on a literary travel journey.
  5. bkkeepr. Track your book progress Twitter style on this site that has members sharing short updates.
  6. Shakespeare High. This social network is all about Shakespeare all the time.
  7. Mystery Net Community. This community offers discussions revolving around mysteries in books as well as in TV and movies. There are also a few groups that meet in person in cities around the world.
  8. Whodunnit Book Club. This social network is all about mysteries and includes blog posts, forums, and groups.
  9. CrimeSpace. If crime fiction is your thing, then you will want to check out this social network.
  10. BookFizz. Like a Digg for books, BookFizz posts book reviews that members can vote on.

Book Recommendations

These social sites offer recommendations for your next read.

  1. BookLamp. Modeled after the music site, Pandora, BookLamp offers suggestions of books based on your past reads and aspects that you liked and didn’t like about them. Join the forums now and you can also help shape the direction BookLamp will grow.
  2. Reading Trails. Write reviews and create your own trail of books. Each trail that intersects provides recommendations for other members.
  3. What Should I Read Next?. Create a list of your favorite books to help build this recommendation site based on members’ lists.
  4. The Book Seer. Fill in the blanks with what you’ve finished reading to get recommendations for your next read that are filtered through several different book networks.

Online Book Clubs, Forums, and Message Boards

These book clubs, forums, and message boards all offer great ways to discuss books no matter where you are.

  1. Book Movement. Book Movement is a social networking site for book clubs and helps facilitate finding good books to read.
  2. Barnes & Noble Book Clubs. Barnes & Noble offers tons of book clubs as well as community rooms, announcements, and more.
  3. Online Book Club. Join the various book clubs here or post on the forums to discuss with others.
  4. Oprah’s Book Club. If you enjoy Oprah’s book recommendations, then you will love the opportunity to join in these online discussions.
  5. Online Book Club. This intimate online book club gives you plenty of say in how the group is run.
  6. Yahoo! Groups. Do a search here for an amazing number of book groups open to anyone looking for book discussion.
  7. Bookworms Virtual Book Club. This group reads a book a month and discusses it online.
  8. The Bookies. This book discussion group reads two books a month that are selected by nomination and voting within the group.
  9. Salon Table Talk – Books. This popular Internet magazine hosts a book section where registered members can participate in discussions and non-registered visitors can read only.
  10. Reader’s Paradise. Join this forum to discuss reading and literature.
  11. BookTalk.org. Join in discussions about both fiction and non-fiction books on these forums.
  12. African American Literature Book Club Discussion Boards. Also known as Thumper’s Corner, this discussion board features community conversation about African American literature, poetry, and culture.
  13. Incredibooks Online Discussion Forum. Not only can you discuss books and authors here, but you can participate in Read-a-Thons and play games, too.
  14. Readers Read Discussion Forums. Jump into any of the categories here such as children’s books, romance, mystery/thriller, or non-fiction.
  15. Amazon Book Clubs. Amazon offers recommendations for good reads as well as an active message board where discussions about the books take place.

Network Online and in Person

These groups offer opportunities to meet in person as well as some online interaction.

  1. BookMesh. Connect with others online over favorite books, then find events and book groups in your city through this site.
  2. Meetup. Search for "books" on this site to find groups that meet regularly in person as well as participate in online community.
  3. Reader’s Circle. Find a local book group or use this site to help organize one based on the idea of creating community like the coffeehouses and salons of England and France in the early modern period.

Networks for Authors and Publishers

Writers, publishers, agents, readers, and anyone else involved in getting books made will be able to find a social site just for them among this list.

  1. BookTour. Find book events happening near you or promote your own book events here.
  2. Book Marketing Network. This popular social network is for anyone involved in getting books to the public, including writers, self-publishers, publicists, marketers, and publishers.
  3. myebook. Whether you’ve written a novel or a comic book, get your e-book noticed with this social networking group for authors.
  4. Bibliofaction. This site is all about short stories and allows writers to post their work, read other writers’ work, and discuss writing.
  5. Ficly. Short story writers can collaborate at this unique social networking site that is all about creating stories.
  6. eNovella. This social network for creative writers offers opportunities for posting work, getting feedback, and connecting with other writers.
  7. Book Blogs. For those who read, write, and publicize books, this community offers forums for discussion, groups, events, and more.
  8. JacketFlap. Authors, illustrators, publishers, and others involved in children and young adult books can come together on this social network.
  9. AuthorsDen. Authors and readers can meet up virtually at this site to both promote and find new literature.
  10. WritersNet. This site offers news and opportunity for discussion among writers, editors, publishers, and agents.
  11. WritersCafe.org. A network for writers, find other writers, get feedback on your work, join writing groups, and more.
  12. Nothing Binding. This social network is for both readers and writers, and offers plenty of ways to connect through groups, book reviews, and more.
  13. Edit Red. Writers looking for peer review, support, and connection with other writers, this network fits the bill.
  14. Booksie. A site for writers, publish your poetry, short story, or novels here, create a profile, find other writers, and share your experiences.
  15. The Polka Dot Banner. Writers can bond over favorite books, get important information and advice about publishing, and more here.
  16. FiledBy. Authors and readers can connect here where readers can create bookshelves, write reviews, and connect with other members as well as authors.

Networks for Books and More

These social sites aren’t limited to only books.

  1. Listal. Socialize with other members who may have similar tastes to you based on your lists. Besides books, find lists of movies, images, music, and anything else you can think to list.
  2. iTrackmine. Track lists of books, wines, music, or anything else you can imagine. Access from your cell phone, create wish lists, and connect with friends.
  3. Cruxle. Cruxle uses your social media sites to recommend books as well as movies, TV shows, and music. You can also share your Cruxle information with friends.
  4. Likexo. Share the things that you like at this community that rates items and discusses them as well. Books, personalities, bands, albums, music, and movies are all on Likexo.
  5. lib.rario.us. Catalog books, DVDs, music, and games here where you can share your lists with friends and family.
  6. Shelf Centered. Create shelves of books, music, movies, and games that you can share or make private as you choose.
  7. Collectors’ Quest. This social network aims to connect collectors with similar interests. Search the keywords such as "books" to find collections and collectors. They have lots of comics and manga here.

Young Adults

Young adults or those interested in young adult literature can find a group just for them among these.

  1. GuruLib. Catalog your home library (even upload your titles by reading the barcode), keep track of research papers and theses, keep notes while you read, and share notes and recommendations with others. This site was started by college students and is a great resource for other students.
  2. Book Divas. Designed for young adult and college readers, this online book club offers message boards, interviews, contests, and much more.
  3. Young Adult Fiction. Join the members here to participate in a community interested in young adult literature.
  4. Borders Ink. Facebook and Borders Books have come together to create this group for young adults interested in literature.
  5. Teen Ink. Submit your writing, read articles, enter contests, and join in conversations on the bulletin board.

Networks for Those Who Love Words

Bookworms are famously in love with words, so check out these fun social sites that are all about appreciating and having fun with words.

  1. Wordie. Make lists of words you love or hate, lists by any topic, share your lists and see what lists others have created on this site that is all about words.
  2. Wordnik. Tag your favorite words, learn pronunciation, or contribute a definition yourself at this site.
  3. Leximo. Join this group to help create an awesome online dictionary with definitions you help shape. This dictionary is not just for English words, so contribute your foreign language skills as well.
  4. The Big Word Project. Choose words that define your website, then link the words to your website to help create definitions based on sites across the Internet.
  5. Urban Dictionary. The ultimate slang dictionary, all the definitions here are contributed by members.
  6. Quotegasm. Contribute famous quotes here or find quotes others have shared.

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